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item-7447 Arctic Ice Logo Ring

Designer’s Note:

Few things capture the majesty of the arctic tundra and how it dazzles like diamonds in the light. In keeping with our Logo Ring Series, we wanted to include a ring that captured this force of nature. Cool, icy and exotic with a clear brilliance, this ring is designed for the person who dares to shine bright, a person who IS a force of nature.

Holstad & Co.’s signature style can be found in our trademark ring bands – swirls forming to end in two faces meeting for a kiss. This ring is symbolic of love, hope, power and daring.


  •  White topaz
  • Cubic zirconia
  • Gold plated .925 silver
  • Ring size 7


Silver is a precious metal and should be kept dry. After use, rinse with warm water, pat dry and store. Silver is best kept away from excessive exposure to air and humidity and stored away from direct sunlight. To minimise humidity, place a desiccant crystal packet inside the box or pouch. The same applies to gemstones. Do take care to store your jewellery individually to keep it pristine and free from scratches or damage from colliding with other jewellery.


Silver polishing cloth or silver cleaning solution can be used to brighten and restore your silver. This method will not affect gemstones, however, do not use on pearls.

Enjoy your jewellery from Holstad & Co.

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