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Sandra Holstad – Director & Designer

Holstad & Co’s Director and Designer Sandra Holstad has always been a highly creative individual. She has been drawing and painting since the age of two and by age ten she was designing her own clothes.

Sandra Holstad has a BA in Fashion and, prior to launching her own label, has worked in the Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Borbonese showroom known as Redwall America in New York City. There she wore many hats to learn the ins and outs of the fashion world.

Sandra Holstad and her co-designer sister Natalie’s love of jewellery came from following their mother into every jewellery store as their mother custom designed pieces for herself and her friends. Now Sandra Holstad has continued the tradition, and with her love of gemstones, designs and jewellery has decided to build a worldwide brand with Natalie by her side every step of the way.

An intuitive designer, she takes her inspiration from nature, people, places, raw forms but above all, her heart. Sandra says, “When I see or feel something that makes my soul vibrate, I translate that into my pieces; whether that be a flower on a tree or an era that signifies glamour. The pieces that I design are a part of iconic elegance and beauty.”

Her collections, are for the modern sexy woman and man; “All you need are your jewels. Wear them like your second skin. They complement every outfit and event and look and feel sensuous next to your skin. It is for your every mood – sweet, sexy, elegant, vivacious or for the rock star in you.”

Sandra Holstad uses a wide range of precious stones such as morganite, diamonds and kunzite, to the semi precious stones, pearls as well as precious metals such as gold and silver. She hand selects the stones and searches for unique pieces that are one-of-a-kind and she designs those for the ultimate jewellery connoisseur. All stones are sourced by Sandra Holstad and hand made with love.

Sandra Holstad ‘s pieces are one part flamboyant, one part classic, one part extravagant, but all heart.