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Natalie Holstad – Co Designer

Business partner and Co-Designer, Natalie Holstad, studied English Literature at the University of Virginia and then went on to do her Master’s in Viking and Medieval Culture at the University of Oslo in Norway, where she lived for 10 years before moving to Singapore in 2012.

During her literary studies she was interested in discovering the different voices each author expressed and admired their ability to harness a mode of self expression. This interest in self expression is what she says defines Holstad & Co., “Jewellery for me is like art – it is limitless! It is more than just lovely shiny objects, it is the freedom to express your inner spirit outwards and that is what we create and encourage with each of our pieces. Our design principle is simple: go bold! From elegant and beautiful to chunky and raw, our jewellery is meant to be a statement of self however you chose to wear it – Sandra and I definitely share this passion.”

Her professional career has been mostly in marketing and communications and now with Holstad & Co. she is adding co-business owner and co-designer to her résumé. In partnership with her sister and the company’s chief designer, Sandra Holstad, she aids in the design process.

Painting since she was a teenager, she has always been attracted to designing and constructing things, “if I wasn’t  rifling through my father’s toolbox for his hammer and saw to make random items, I was ripping my jeans and t-shirts with Sandra to rock up my clothes and turn them into something new. I love discovering new ways of doing things. I particularly love juxtaposing styles such as fusing industrial with vintage, taking the old and making it new.  Holstad & Co. is a company that is very dear to my heart, it marries all the best parts of my family and childhood experiences, not to mention, it is inspired by the two women that have been the most influential force in my life, my mum and Sandra.”