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Jewellery Care » Silver Care

Genuine silver tarnishes, especially when exposed to salt air and products containing sulfur, such as rubber bands and some papers.


For Optimum Care

  • Rinse your silver by hand in warm water immediately after use
  • Dry thoroughly with a soft clean cloth before storing
  • Do not store in direct sunlight or with other objects
  • Do not use with perfume, creams and or hair gel


Cleaning Gold Plated Silver

Clean the gold plated item with soft cotton cloth and warm water. Use a tiny drop of liquid soap if needed. Do not use a jewellery cloth as it usually contains chemical that will scrub off the surface.


Polishing Plain Silver

  • Begin by using a soft cloth or sponge to apply the polish. Rub each piece gently but firmly. A soft bristle toothbrush works well to polish hard to reach places. After cleaning with silver polishing solution, rinse carefully with warm water and be sure to remove all the polish.  Dry thoroughly and buff gently with a soft cloth.


Storing Silver

Once cleaned and polished, silver must be kept dry and properly stored in their individual cases. Our Holstad & Co. jewellery boxes and bags will protect it from abrasion and offer a degree of tarnish prevention.

If the climate is humid, place a small packet of demoisturizing crystals (e.g., silica gel) inside the box or bag.